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Payment Methods
Worldwide Parcel Import
Worldwide Parcel Import

The most natural thing to do when one is looking for a reliable parcel carrier is to approach a major parcel carrier such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, & UPS. This may be because you may not know the alternatives available in the market or you just don't have the time to research the market and thus you pick the carrier whose brand you are most comfortable and familiar with.

However, did you know that if you choose a parcel delivery reseller, you would have the benefit of best of both worlds. The benefit of an extensive network of the big carrier and a premium service from a ‘boutique’ parcel delivery reseller. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Price
In business, price is not everything. No doubt you will agree that there are other factors that are sometimes more important, but nevertheless, for any business, you will want the best prices in the market to remain competitive. You will always find that the resellers are cheaper than if you booked your parcel directly with a carrier.

You may ask why? This is due to volumes. Since resellers organise parcel collections and deliveries on behalf of thousands of customers, they get discounts that small and medium companies would not get.
Now you can begin to enjoy the discounts that large companies get – level the playing field against the ‘big boys’.

2. Customer Services
Resellers tend to be much smaller companies who understand old fashioned customer services – everyone likes to be treated in a special way just the way we like to be treated!
When you call us, 95% of the time we will answer your call within two rings and we answer it personally. You are not just a number when you contact us. Your time is valuable and so we do not keep you hanging on.

3. Best of Breed
Generally speaking most carriers have developed good networks across all continents. However, when you are looking for the fastest service to a certain destination, or the cheapest service, you need to know which carrier will be the most suitable for that parcel.
An experienced parcel delivery reseller can help in such a situation and it could even be cheaper!

4. Choice of Services
The choice of services available through a reseller could be wider – delivery before 9am, 10am, 10.30am, 12, 3pm 5.30pm or two days economy service. If you are dealing with a carrier direct, then you are limited to the services of that carrier only. For example, they may only offer 10.30am delivery for a mid morning express service for that important parcel. For the same price or sometimes even lower, you could get a 10am service which may delight your customer, especially when the customer is waiting for that parcel. Therefore you achieve speedy delivery at a great price.
Not all carriers can offer you all of these options if you go direct. A parcel delivery reseller will always offer you a wider choice of services as they deal with more than one carrier.

5. Parcel/Consignment Rate
With your current provider, you may be offered either a parcel rate or a consignment rate. However, should your business benefit by having both, then this may be possible with a parcel delivery reseller.
parcel rate is when the carrier charges you a price per parcel up to certain kilos (eg. 10 kg), whereas a consignment rate is when there could be more than one parcel in a consignment and the total weight of all the parcels is taken into account when calculating the price of that consignment.
A parcel delivery reseller can offer you a rate which is beneficial to your business depending on your shipping profile. It is like a custom tailored suit always fits you the best. Why settle for off the peg when you can have it bespoke? And it may even be cheaper, saving you money!

6. Win-Win-Win 
Success of any business is based on the foundation of principles where there is win-win for the buyer and the seller. So how can a proposition from a reseller work on a win-win-win basis?
An experienced reseller will understand the carrier’s strengths and weaknesses. By working with the strengths, the reseller can offer those services that the carrier is most confident to provide. In that way, the carrier gets the kind of traffic they want. Hence the carrier can deliver the parcel successfully as it is ‘compatible’ traffic. A win for the carrier! Any parcels that fall outside their compatible traffic can be put through a carrier who actually specialises in that type of non-compatible traffic.
In this way, the parcel gets delivered and there are no surcharges for our customer. He also gets a more competitive price than going direct. A win for the customer!
Finally, we get another satisfied customer – a big win for us!! We have a happy ending! Smiles all round! win-win-win!

7. One Company
If you deal with more than one carrier, you know the hidden costs. You have more than one company to understand their procedures of customer service, accounts, claims etc. You receive more than one invoice, you make more than one payment for those invoices and so your costs continue to escalate. Most businesses do not calculate how much it all costs to deal with more than one supplier. But if you break down the actual work to be done to manage more than one supplier, you will very quickly begin to appreciate the benefits of a parcel reseller. 
A parcel delivery reseller can help you manage your multiple carrier proposition in a more efficient way making you more competitive in the marketplace.

This is what some of our customers say about us……
‘Thank you for the wonderful service!’
Annie, Belize High Commission
‘Dealing with Planet Couriers has been very cost effective. Help and advice is only a phone call away.’
Mahesh, Oakleigh Pharmacy

For more details and to find out how much money you can save, call us on 020 8931 1111.

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