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Payment Methods
Payment Methods
Worldwide Parcel Import
Worldwide Parcel Import

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Do you need to import a parcel from abroad?  Importing into the UK is usually straightforward.  We can arrange parcel import from anywhere in the world back to the UK using our door-to-door parcel importing service.

Whether you need to get some samples from a possible new supplier overseas, or you’ve forgotten something whilst away on holiday or have bought something which is too large or inconvenient to bring back on the plane, your can use our very competitive parcel import service.

For goods moving within the EU, import duties and taxes do not usually apply. However, for goods imported from non-EU countries, Customs charges do apply, these may include import duty, excise duty and import VAT. 

Goods with a value exceeding £18 (for commercial items including internet/mail order purchases), or £36 in the case of gifts between private individuals, are generally subject to Customs charges. Normally charges are calculated upon the declared value (plus shipping costs for commercial items). Further general information can be obtained by contacting HM Revenue & Customs.

Please note that the recipient is liable for any and all customs/import duties incurred and you need to check with us to make sure the item you want to imported is not restricted item. In the event that you under declare the weight or dimensions, you will incur additional charges. We cannot be held responsible for any delays in shipment caused by customs.

You mail email us to or call us on 020 8931 1111 for your import quotation.