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Payment Methods
Payment Methods
Worldwide Parcel Import
Worldwide Parcel Import



The following regulatory changes impact imports into China from all exporting countries:   

Customs Registration Number

All shipments, except documents and personal, will require an Importer Customs Registration Code (a 10-digit customs code) to be provided by the exporter for customs declaration.

Harmonized System Code (H.S. Tariff Codes)
All shipments, exception of documents, being imported into China must be declared with an H.S. code.  The appropriate customs duty, tax and VAT will be charged. This includes samples and advertising articles valued at 400RMB or below.  These commodities were previously granted duty-exemption but are now taxable.

Limitations to Personal Shipments

A shipment value above 1000RMB ($145USD) cannot be considered as personal and will require importation by a registered importer.


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