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Whether you are travelling or moving abroad or heading to college or university, you can use our reliable and cheap worldwide luggage shipping services and avoid paying extortionate airline baggage fees.

Why do you need to use our worldwide luggage shipping service?


  • Airline luggage allowance are slowly decreasing.  The rules of baggage allowance are ever changing and increasing in complexity. Travelers are confronted with unexpected situations at the airport due to the change of restrictions involving the characterisation and weight limitations of carry-on bags, checked luggage and additional baggage which lead to frustration and incurring additional costs.  Moreover, weight is strictly monitored and some airlines even weigh carry-on luggage at the ticket counter or the gate.
  • Fees for excess baggage are rapidly on the rise. Airlines are under financial pressure to offset the cost of rising fuel prices and many now are increasing the excess baggage fees.

    We work in partnership with reputable carriers like DHL and UPS.  We have managed to secure highly discounted rates from these carriers due to the huge volume of shipments we are putting through their networks.  We in turn passing these discounts along to our customers.

  • You can avoid long hours queuing at check-in desks and luggage carousels. Nothing kills the holiday mood like mile long check-in queues.
  • You don’t need to worry that your luggage go missing as you will be able to do a real-time online tracking until delivery.
  • We provide door to door delivery services.  We can pick up your luggage from your home address or a hotel if you are travelling back to the UK.
  • We offer a range of timed delivery services.  You can choose from 9am, noon or end of day delivery options.
  • By sending your luggage ahead, you can travel luggage free while having as much luggage with you as you like.
worldwide luggage shipping

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